BS EN ISO 9606-1:2017

BS EN ISO 9606-1:2017 Qualification testing of welders. Fusion welding. Steels

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Details: A4, 44 pages.

Publication date: 30/09/2017

Publisher: BSI

ISBN: 9780580943614

Publication Status: Active

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Official BSI Distributor

What is this standard about?

A welder’s skill is important to ensuring the quality of a welded product. This is Part 1 in a five part standard on qualification testing of fusion welders. 

The other four parts are: 

  • Part 2: Aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • Part 3: Copper and copper alloys
  • Part 4: Nickel and nickel alloys
  • Part 5: Titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium and zirconium alloys

Who is this standard for?

  • Fusion welders
  • Those who train fusion welders
  • Fusion welding qualification test examiners and examining bodies

Why should you use this standard? 

It sets out requirements for qualification testing of welders who weld fusion welded steels.  It provides a set of technical rules for a systematic qualification test, enabling such qualifications to be uniformly accepted, independent of the type of product, location, and examiner or examining body. 

NOTE: The welding processes referred to in this part of the standard include those fusion-welding processes which are designated as manual or partly mechanized welding. It does not cover fully mechanized and automated welding processes. For these see BS EN ISO 14732. 

What’s changed since the last update?

This technical revision supersedes the 2013 version which is withdrawn. 

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