BS EN 60079-17:2014

BS EN 60079-17:2014 Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations inspection and maintenance

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Details: A4, 42 pages.

Publication date: 31/03/2014

Publisher: BSI

ISBN: 9780580801259

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BS EN 60079-17:2014 Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations inspection and maintenance

Electrical installations in hazardous areas possess features specially designed to render them suitable for operations in such atmospheres. It is essential for reasons of safety in those areas that, throughout the life of such installations, the integrity of those special features is preserved; they therefore require initial inspection and either:

  • Regular periodic inspections
  • Continuous supervision by skilled personnel in accordance with this standard and, when necessary, maintenance.

Correct functional operation of hazardous area installations does not mean, and should not be interpreted as meaning, that the integrity of the special features referred to above is preserved.

BS EN 60079:17 applies to users and covers factors directly related to the inspection and maintenance of electrical installations within hazardous areas only, where the hazard may be caused by flammable gases, vapours, mists, dusts, fibres or flyings.

BSEN60079 Part 17 does not include:

  • Other fundamental installation and inspection requirements for electrical installations
  • The verification of electrical equipment
  • The repair and reclamation of explosion protected equipment.

This standard supplements the requirements of IEC 60364-6.

In the case of dusts, fibres or flyings the level of housekeeping may influence the inspection and maintenance requirements.

BS EN 60079-17 is intended to be applied where there can be a risk due to the presence of explosive gas or dust mixtures with air or combustible dust layers under normal atmospheric conditions. It does not apply to:

  • Underground mining areas
  • Areas where a risk can arise due to the presence of hybrid mixtures
  • Dusts of explosives that do not require atmospheric oxygen for combustion
  • Pyrophoric substances.

The contents of BS EN 60079-17 includes:
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 General requirements
5 Documentation
6 Qualification of personnel
7 Inspection
8 Periodic inspections
9 Continuous supervision by skilled personnel
10 Maintenance requirements
11 Environmental conditions
12 Isolation of equipment
13 Earthing and equipotential bonding
14 Specific conditions of use
15 Movable equipment and its connections
16 Inspection schedules
17 Additional inspection schedule requirements
18 Inspection tables
19 Annex
20 Bibliography

BS EN 60079-17:2014 replaces BS EN 60079-17:2007.

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