BS EN 16893:2018

BS EN 16893:2018 Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

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Publication Details

Details: A4, 58 pages.

Publication date: 22/02/2018

Publisher: BSI

ISBN: 9780580903717

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

Official BSI Distributor

What is this standard about?

It’s about how best to construct buildings and spaces that are intended to conserve heritage collections.

Who is this standard for?

The primary audience is construction industry professionals, including construction companies and architects, working on new, existing, historic and listed buildings and spaces where heritage collections are to be held. This will typically mean museums, art galleries and heritage sites.

The standard will also be useful to users of PD 5454 in libraries, museums and galleries, including curators, conservationists and conservators, as well as private collectors and local authorities.

Why should you use this standard?

It gives specifications and guidance for the location, construction, or adaption of any form of building, or any space in an existing building, specifically intended for internal storage and use of all heritage collection types and formats.

BS EN 16893 covers many aspects of the design and construction process for housing heritage collections. These include:

  • Sustainability
  • Risk management
  • Environmental strategy
  • Building specifications
  • Hazards identification
  • Air quality/ventilation
  • Infestation by pests/mould
  • Fire protection/prevention
  • Protection against water ingress
  • Lighting provision

It‘s expected to bring a range of benefits to custodians of cultural heritage collections by defining the criteria and information necessary to make policy relating to conservation, that will in turn influence the outcome of building construction.

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